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SAAS Study Center

The Murphy Family Study Center



Be purposeful when you come to the Study Center.
• Come with all necessary study materials, including books, notes, calculators, pens/pencils, etc.
• The computers in the Study Center are to be used for academic purposes. Please do not visit social web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.


Help us maintain a quiet atmosphere.
• The Study Center is an academic environment, not a social club. Please keep your social and athletic conversations to a minimum when you are here to study.
• If you need to study in a group or talk through an assignment with a tutor, please ask the Study Center Monitor to assist you with finding a private study room.
• Listening to music is only appropriate with the use of earphones; your music should not be so loud that it can be heard by others.
• The use of cell phones in the Study Center is not allowed. Please silence cell phones, or place them on vibrate. Calls must always be answered outside of the Study Center.


Respect the Study Center and everyone working here.
• Use respectful language and a respectful tone when in the Study Center; profanity will not be tolerated.
• Keep your feet on the floor; do not place your feet on the furniture.
• Please dispose of your cups and water bottles before leaving the Study Center. Ice bags should be dumped into the kitchen sink rather than the garbage.
• Please remember to log off the computers when leaving.
• If you ever feel that you have concerns about the Study Center, you are encouraged to see the Director/Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services as soon as possible.


Comply with the requests of the staff, including the Academic Counselors and the Study Center Monitors; they are here to help you.
• Study Center Monitors are here to maintain order so that students studying in the Study Center can be productive; any activity or noise that disrupts the quiet or the order in the Study Center will be addressed by the Study Center Monitor. Your cooperation is expected.