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Virus Protection at BC

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Computer security is a shared responsibility for all BC community members. Computer viruses endanger the integrity of your computer, your work, and the entire BC network. To help protect your computer and the network, BC provides anti-virus software at no additional cost to all members of the University.

Install anti-virus software before you arrive on campus!

Protect your computer, your information,
& your identity:

See these security tips.

Anti-Virus Software is Required

All students who use the BC network are required to use and maintain the anti-virus software supported by Boston College. Failure to comply could result in loss of network access. In addition, if your computer appears to be spreading a virus on the network, your computer's network access will be suspended.

If you are currently using non supported anti-virus software, such as Norton Home, you must uninstall it prior to installing the anti-virus software BC recommends.

Learn how to install and maintain anti-virus at