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WiFi Access

information technology services

Need help during move-in? Technology help will be available onsite during move-in. Just ask for help when you check in at your residence hall. See the hours of operation for the Walk-In Help Desk and Help Center (617-552-HELP).

The BC wireless network is available in every residence hall, as well as many other locations on campus, including libraries, classrooms, and dining halls. When you arrive on campus, you will receive simple step-by-step instructions for connecting to WiFi at BC.


respect copyrights

When you access BC's network, you agree to BC's Technological & Information Resources Use Agreement. Never share or download copyrighted material such as MP3s or movies. It is stealing, and students who violate copyright laws are subject to legal and disciplinary action.

Learn more about why illegally sharing and downloading music, movies, or other files is serious.