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Technology Support Services

Information Technology Services

Supporting the Boston College Community's use of technology.

Our Services

We provide technology support and services for all active members of the Boston College faculty, student and staff community:

Technology Resources: We support the use of public printing, faxing and computing resources available in O'Neill Library.

Technology Education: We provide one-one and small group software tutoring, as requested. Technology related workshops are also available upon request. 

Technology Support and Support Coordination: Our team is able to resolve most of your technolgy issues and questions. For the things we aren't able to resolve or answer,  we will work with the right people to get you the resolutions and answers you need.


Ways to Get Help

Call: 2-Help (617-552-4357)
Normal business hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm

When you call 2-help, during normal business hours:

  • Your call will be answered by one of our full-time professional Help Desk Specialists
  • Calls are typically answered within 18 seconds or less (may be longer during peak periods such as Back to School)
  • The Help Desk Specialist who answers your call will be able to resolve your issue more than 70% of the time right over the phone and/or using remote support tools.
  • If it is an issue that cannot be resolved over the phone, the Help Desk Specialist may:
    • Dispatch someone to your deskside to assist you in person (faculty and staff on campus)
    • Coordinate with other technical specialists in BC ITS to resolve the issue 
    • Refer you to the Walk-in services (for personally owned equipment, students)

When you call 2-help outside of normal business hours:

  • Your call will be answered by a BC ITS Operations staff member
  • If the Operations staff are unable to resolve your issue over the phone, they will log your call in our support ticket tracking system and we will follow up with you the next business day.

Monday-Friday: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm



Monday-Friday: 9:00  am to 5:00 pm




Typical Wait Time*

Activation Device to be activated, power cord if laptop 5 - 10 Minutes
Wireless Troubleshooting Wireless device, power cord if laptop 15 - 30 Minutes
Hard Drive Testing Laptop, power cord 2 - 3 Hours
Virus Scan Laptop, power cord 4 - 6 Hours
BC Software Laptop, power cord 20 Minutes - 1 Hour
File Transfer Laptop, power cord, external hard drive 2 - 6 Hours
Operating System Support Laptop, power cord 2 - 4 Hours
Rebuild Laptop, power cord, external hard drive 1 - 2 Days
Mac Bootcamp Laptop, power cord 1 - 2 Days

* Times may vary;  we'll do our best to give you an accurate estimate. Users may sign out their machines for more time consuming processes and we will call when the service is complete.

Connecting to the BC Network

All devices need to be registered on the BC network before they will be able to access the internet. Users can register their own devices. If you need assistance with accessing the BC Network you may bring your device to the Walk-in Help Desk for assistance.

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Hard Drive Testing

If your device has been performing slowly or making strange sounds, you may have a hard drive issue. We have a variety of programs that can evaluate the health of a drive, and we can provide recommendations in the case where a user should purchase a replacement hard drive. These tests can take several hours for larger drives, and so we require a power cord regardless of how much the battery is charged.

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Virus Scan

Common signs of infection include general slowness, ads and popups, and new programs appearing on your computer. If you notice any of these on your own device you should bring your computer and power cord to the Walk-in Helpdesk for testing. We will run a suite of anti-malware and anti-virus programs to ensure that your device is clean and safe to use. This process typically takes several hours and so we require users to provide a power cord regardless of how much the battery is charged.

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BC Software

Boston College provides licenses for various software to students, faculty, and staff. Users may download this software themselves from the software page. If you require assistance installing or using BC software you can bring your device and power cord to the Walk-in Helpdesk and we can install the software for you and provide support. We also provide limited support for non-BC software on a case by case basis. Because software installation and support can sometimes be a lengthy process, we require that users provide a power card regardless of how much the battery is charged.

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File Transfer

The Walk-in Helpdesk has a variety of programs for transferring files between devices. Even if you are not able to use your computer we are often (but not always) able to recover your files. In order to recover or transfer your files we will require the device that currently has the files on it, the power cord for the device, and external media to put your files on. We recommend that users bring either another computer or an external hard drive to use as the external media, and recommend against flash drives as they are unreliable and typically have very little storage space. If users do not have any external media we are able to offer assistance in purchasing an external media. Please note, the Walk-in Helpdesk does not have any external media for use, users must provide their own.

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Operating System Support

The Walk-in Helpdesk staff is familiar with and can provide support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Because the support may take a few hours we require that users provide a power cord regardless of how much the battery is charged.

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All students, faculty, and staff of Boston College are allowed one license of the Windows operating system. When a Windows machine is rebuilt, the hard drive is wiped completely and a fresh copy of the Windows operating system is installed. Instances in which users should have their machine rebuilt include certain severe virus infections, corrupt operating system, and for specific programs and functionality. Customers are responsible for backing up their data to external media before the rebuild is performed, and the Walk-in Helpdesk can assist with this step as well.


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Mac users may use their Windows license to Bootcamp their Mac, which means that the device is able to boot either to the Mac or Windows OS. This is typically only done when users need access to the Windows OS to use certain programs. Rebuilding is a time consuming and system-intensive process that cannot be interrupted, and so we require that users provide a power cord regardless of how much the battery is charged.

Note that some Mac laptops may not have enough hard drive space, or other considerations, that may not make a Bootcamp set up possible.


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