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Closed Captioning at Boston College

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Example of Closed Captioning


Closed Captioning is a text version of audio in a video meant to assist the hearing impaired in their viewing of video content. Boston College is working to make all of it's video content accessible to all viewers.

Federal Law and Boston College requires that any public-facing online video content produced by university faculty or staff must be closed captioned. This includes any videos posted on the Boston College website, BC associated websites, or any associated social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

In order to meet federal requirements, both pre-recorded and live video streams need to be professionally captioned. Captioning through an auto-captioning system (such as what you'll find on YouTube) does not meet federal guidelines.

Boston College now has a recommended vendor, 3Play Media, for professionally captioning videos. The cost of the captioning of pre-recorded videos is $2.20/minute which comes to roughly $132/hour. Video Services does not cover the cost of closed captioning. It is up to individuals or their departments to obtain funding for captioning their video content.

If you or your department has a lot of older, un-captioned content, the costs of captioning can add up quickly. In cases like that, we suggest pulling the content off of the website where it is being hosted and then rolling out the archived content once funding allows you to caption it.

3Play Media does not currently offer live captioning as a service. If you need assistance in finding a company to handle your live stream with captioning, please contact our office and we can direct you to an outside vendor. Our office typically recommends D2 Productions.

Events hosted in Robsham Theater can be live streamed and live captioned through the theater management. Captioning is paid for by the department hosting the event. Please contact Robsham Theater directly to find out more information about how to set up your live stream with live captioning in their facility.

To learn more about closed captioning through 3Play Media and to create a free account, please visit their account creation portal for Boston College.