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Video Services

media technology services

Video Studio Control Room


The Video Services division of Media Technology Services provides a wide range of video resources to the Boston College community to assist in the academic mission of faculty, staff, and students.


Basic Services

Each reservation for any request should be made well in advance of an event or production to ensure the availability of equipment, facilities, and staff for your event. All requests are honored on a first-come-first-served basis. All equipment is picked up and returned by the client to our office located in Campion G-03.

Our basic services consist of:

camera, tripod and microphone

Faculty, staff, and students can request to take out a video camcorder for a one business day loan. All students must first have a faculty or staff advisor email our main office granting students permission to take out the equipment and noting the purpose for the loan.

The cameras are consumer-grade high definition (Canon HF R52) camcorders. A tripod and handheld, wired mic may also be requested.

Advanced production equipment is available only to students enrolled in the Digital Media Field Production class.

camera lens

Boston College faculty and staff may request to have a class or university sponsored event recorded on Main Campus. Our staff will record events up to three hours in length.

The fall and spring semester production hours are 9:30am - 9:30pm Monday through Thursday and 9:30am - 4:30pm on Fridays. Recordings are not scheduled during the first two weeks of the semester or during the study and finals period. Requests for recordings outside of normal scheduled times are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

We do not record student clubs, activities, or any other non-academic events.

video tape deck

Video Services can transfer and duplicate the following types of video media:

.mp4 and other video file formats


VHS tapes

MiniDV tapes

DVCAM tapes

Video8, Hi8, or 8mm tapes

U-matic or 3/4" tapes

Betacam tapes

For large transfer numbers to DVD, please bring a stack of DVD-R format DVDs for us to complete the duplication.

Video Services serves the academic mission at Boston College and is unable to duplicate anything protected under federal copyright law or personal home videos.

The O'Neill Library has valuable resources on and copyright law surrounding film and video and can assist you with finding a solution to your needs. website

MOVIE STREAMING SITE REQUEST FORM is the premiere film streaming site for Boston College. Similar to Netflix, it contains a large catalog of Hollywood films that can be viewed for personal enjoyment in a dorm room or anywhere on BC campus (website not available off campus).

Faculty members that require students to watch specific films for their classes can request specific films be added to the film streaming site by filling out our movie streaming site request form. If the film is readily available, then we will post it within a two week period and send you an embed link that you can put on your Canvas page so that the students in your class can easily access the film. If you're a faculty member who would like to incorporate a film in your class that is not available through Swank, you can contact Reserves & Media Services at the O'Neill Library to discuss options for obtaining the film.

Films on this site can be viewed for fun or as a part of a class, but are not meant to be used as part of a larger public performance for legal reasons. If you would like to screen a film to an audience, please go to the Public Film Screening page to learn more information about Public Performance Rights and fill out a request form. is run through a contract with film distributor Swank Motion Pictures. While Swank is the largest film distributor, not every film is available through them.

Students cannot request films for the streaming site, but we add popular new releases on a monthly basis.

Advanced Services

Consultations and requests for any advanced services, including any major creative video productions, should be directed to the Video Operations & Production Supervisor. All major productions are reviewed and considered based on production criteria and staff availability. Please visit our video portfolio page for samples of our recent video production work.

The following are the advanced services that we offer:

video editing system


Video Services can assist faculty and staff in the development of professional video pieces to aid in the university's mission. Projects can be recorded both in the field and in our video studio and are edited by staff using the latest video editing software.

These creative projects are collaborative works that rely heavily on the involvement of the clients who request them. Clients are responsible for gathering necessary resources, providing their content area expertise, and being a key part of the video review process. In return the Video Services staff provides its creativity and technical skills to produce quality videos that capture the client's vision.

The timelines for our creative projects range from a few weeks to a few months and depend upon our current project workload, the scope of the project being proposed by the client, and the video components requested.

If you would like to request a consultation or have questions regarding a creative project, please fill out our Creative Video Project Proposal Form. Due to high demand, all projects must first be approved by the Video Services staff under specific guidelines agreed to by both the client and Video Services. All projects will require at least one month's notice from the consultation meeting to the start of the project.

video conferencing system

The video conference meeting room is hosted in the Media Technology Services office area. Faculty and staff can arrange to have a video conference in the meeting room setup by a staff member in Video Services. If you have a video conference that you would like to arrange, please contact the Video Services staff to discuss the details of the meeting.

Use of the meeting room is reserved specifically for video conferences and for Media Technology Services Staff.

The Video Conference room is setup for H.323 IP video conferencing as well as Zoom. To setup a meeting in your office or another location using Skype, Adobe Connect, or other video conferencing software, please contact your department's Technology Consultant.

audio board


In order to screen a film in any type of public venue, you are required to purchase Public Film Screening Rights from the film's distributor. We can assist you in locating the film distributor and arrange for you to purchase these rights for the date(s) of your screening.

Regardless of whether or not Boston College owns a copy of the film, public performance rights must be purchased in order to screen the film.

Once you submit your request, our staff will contact the film's distributor and learn what the cost of screening the film will be. We will then forward that information onto you and put you in contact with the distributor. Not all film distributors are easy to contact, which is why this process can take up to six weeks to complete.

Please fill out the Public Film Screening Rights request form to have us research a film for you.

Request Forms


(BC sign-in required)

Use this form to reserve a camcorder, or request a class or event recording.

Permission is required for camera loans to students.


Use this form to request movies be added to the website for use in an academic class.
For faculty only.


Use this form to submit a proposal for us to produce a creative or promotional video for you.
All proposals are subject to our review and approval.


Use this form to request us to assist you in locating and purchasing the rights to screen a film at a public event.


For all other inqueries, please contact the main office at


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Campion Hall G-03



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Video Production Specialist


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