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Information Technology Services

Strategic Plan | Administrative Applications

goals, objectives, action items

GOAL I Develop and implement a robust strategy and framework to ensure that Boston College administrative data is reliable and supportive of improved administrative operations campus wide.
  1. Develop a University Business Intelligence Strategy (data, reporting, and analytics) with appropriate security standards in collaboration with Institutional Research, University Advancement, and Finance as well as other key administrative areas.
  • Review existing reporting frameworks and tools (strategic and operational) and define operational reporting standards.
  • Develop and implement education and communication plans that support enterprise reporting.
  • Investigate and recommend alternative frameworks for managing supplemental departmental data.


GOAL II Evolve Boston College’s administrative applications development environments to leverage common industry standards and practices to provide the best solutions to meet University needs.
  1. Expand the use of SaaS (Software as a Service) options, when appropriate, under the applicable University IT frameworks.
  • Develop systems and guidelines to provide ongoing University-wide guidance for SaaS.
  1. Identify, define, and develop University application architecture framework.
  • Review current in-use technologies.
  • Identify possible consolidation of application tools (e.g., source management, production control).
  • Create standards around a uniform application development toolset.
  1. Continue to support accessibility requirements for tools and technologies used by the Boston College community.
  • Investigate opportunities to enhance accessibility of existing and new applications.
  • Develop a plan for continuous engagement with departments on accessibility initiatives.


GOAL III Identify and foster opportunities for synergistic and collaborative relationships around applications technology, both internally among the University’s administrative units and externally among regional institutions.
  1. Improve ITS capability to successfully educate, implement, and train the community on new innovations and technologies.
  • Work with ITS chief technologist to develop roadmaps for adoption of technical solutions and required staff development.
  1. Facilitate discussions around a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy to address current and future University needs.
  • Create a workgroup to develop a roadmap/vision for CRM at Boston College.