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Advisory Committee & Task Force

UDL Advisory Committee: 

Mike Bourque, CIO

Linda McCarthy, Director, Student & Academic Application Services

Richard Jefferson, Executive Director

Paul Chebator, Interim Dean, Office of the Dean for Student Development

Rita Owens, Executive Director, Education Technology



The UDL Task Force:

Judy Ferres, Associate Director

Scott Olivieri, Web Support Manager

Richard Jackson, Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education, Teacher Education

Robert Gerrity, Associate University Librarian for Library Syst.

Lily Clifton, CAS 2013

Beth Clark, Director, Instructional Design & eTeaching Services

Jon Cawthorne, Associate University Librarian

Paulette Durrett, Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities

Kyle Shachmut, Technical Consultant

Fran Smith, PostDoc, LSOE

Joanne Karger, PostDoc, LSOE