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Universal Design and Website Accessibility

universal design for learning taskforce

Presenters: Brian Charlson and Mark Sadecki, Carroll Center for the Blind

This presentation can now be accessed on our website. Use the link below to reach the video and slides (note: a BC username and password are required)
Introduction to Web Accessibility for Content Developers.

If you have any questions please contact David Lewis (

BC is committed to being a leader in Universal Design by utilizing a universal design for learning framework to ensure all members of the BC community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and other visitors), including individuals with disabilities, are able to engage and derive benefit from all instructional and technological resources that BC has available to offer.

The link above will allow members of the BC community to access the informational seminar presented by The Carroll Center for the Blind. This seminar intends to educate and inform those responsible for creating digital content in an effort to create and maintain a fully accessible digital campus. The seminar provides an introduction to the main concepts of website accessibility and information on how to update webpages to meet current accessibility standards.

Recommended audience: Staff, Faculty and specifically website content contributors, website owners, and all those interested in learning about website accessibility.