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Creating a Page Version

CQ5 allows you to save versions of your work in case you need to revert back to a certain point in your workflow. To create a version:

  • Click on the Versioning icon (which looks like a clock face) in the upper toolbar of the Sidekick. The Create Version tab will open. Click the More button. Here you can add a Label to identify your version, and fill in any appropriate comments in the Comment section.
  • Then click Create Version. A menu bar will drop down from the upper right of your screen confirming your version with the Label name.
screen shot of Version tab in Less mode
screen shot of Version confirmation slide down tab
screen shot of Version tab with ability to label version

Restoring a Version

  • Click on plus sign (+) at the end of the Restore Version tab. To see the differences between your versions, check one of the version and click the Diff button. To restore a previous versions, click the Restore button.
screen shot of version restore selection choice