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Creating Tables within the Text Component

You can create a table using the table button inside the the edit box of the BC Text component and the BC Text Image component. The table button is located at the rigtht end of the components and looks like a small grid with a blue bar across the top.

Screenshot of BC Text Component with Table Icon Highlighted

After selecting this button, you will be prompted to fill out the properties of the table. Here you are able to decide how many columns and rows you want your table to have.

screenshot of table properties highlighted within CQ interface

Here you can also decide if you would like your table to have a header. There are four options available to you. You can also decide the size of the width, height, border, cell padding and cell spacing. You can also have the choice of leaving it alone.The table you see below is an example with a "First Row" header.


First Row Header
Cell One
Cell Two

If you want to add or delete a row, you right click on your mouse and follow the arrows indicating to the edits you need done to your table.

screenshot showing table row and column editing

Another option you have for editing the table in terms of simply adding and/or deleting a page is by clicking on the table and having small icons show up. Adobe is experiencing a small bug that forces you to click on the source button inside the text component edit area in order for the buttons to show up. Open and close the source and then click on the table. The small icons should show up on the table .Their appearance consists of a centered circle with an x in the middle and two arrows pointing in opposite directions. If you click on the x it will delete the cell. If you click on either on of the arrows it will draw a new cell in the directions you choose.

screenshot showing alternative table editing options