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Renaming a Page in AEM

use the move command to rename a page

It is necessary to use the Move command in order to rename a page in AEM.

  1. In the site admin view, navigate to the place where the page you want to rename is showing in the list of pages in the main (right) panel.
  2. Click once on that page to select it.
  3. Click the MOVE menu item on the bar across the top of the list of pages.
  4. This gives you a dialog box. Leave the first two fields alone (since you're not moving the page) and just change the third text box ("Rename") to the new name.
  5. Click MOVE button.

It is possible that AEM won't allow an editor to rename a page.  This happens when some other page in AEM that you don't own has linked to your page.  Since your change would require their page to be updated and you don't have permission to do that, AEM won't let you make the change.  In that situation, contact Web Support at and let us know what page you are trying to change and what you want the name to be and we'll make the change for you.

screen shot of the Move command dialog box