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Styles and Formatting

In order to provide is a consistent Boston College design and "look" throughout the entire site, there are limited styling and formatting options in CQ.

To add a style, use the BC Text or BC Text Image Component, highlight the text you want styled, go to the Style pulldown menu and chose either "Callout- floating right" or Highlight.

"Callout - floating right" puts your text in a formatted box and floats it to the right.

screen shot of Callout

Below is an example of The Callout - floating right Style

screenshot of the Callout -floating right style

Chosing the "Highlight" dropdown makes your text red and bold.

screen shot of the Highlight Style, the text is bold and red

Use the section heads in the Format dropdown to divide areas on your page.

For example, this is what Section Head 1(H3) will look like:

Screen shot of example of Section Head 1 (H3)

To remove a style, click anywhere in the selected text and click the red X at the right of the Style pull down menu.