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Deactivating and Deleting a Page

Deactivating a Page

  • Deactivating a page and deleting a page are two different functions. Deactivating a page removes the page from the server but leaves the page with Adobe CQ in case you may want to use it again. If you are uncertain about deleting a page or think you may want to edit and use the page at a different time, we recommend deactivating a page.
  • In order to deactivate a page, you select the page want to deactivate and use the icon at the top of the bar that says "Deactivate".Once you deactivate the page, refresh your browser and you will notice that the status under "Publication", will go from green to red. If the status of the page has a red button, then it has been deactivated correctly and is no longer available for public viewing. Also note that if this page was linked or referenced on another page, that link will be broken. Make sure to remove any links that reference the page you recently deactivated. Go to this page for more information on working with links in CQ.
Screen shot of site admin window with red arrow pointing at deactivate tab

Deleting a Page

  • If you are certain you want to delete a page, using the same process as deactivating a page, but select "Delete" instead. Once you delete a page the page is no longer available to the public or to you. You will need to recreate the page from scratch if you delete a page.
  • Please note that when a page is deactivated, links or references are also automatically broken. Make sure that when you delete a page, you are also not deleting its children pages if they have any that you may still need or want. If you still need or want the children pages of the page you are deleting, you will need to transfer their location on the navigation into their new location.
  • Also remember that links referring to the children pages will need to be edited with their new address/location. This page has more information on how the navigation works.

Screen shot of Site Admin window with red arrow pointing at Delete tab