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Changing Name and Order of Pages in Left Nav

How to Change the Name of a Page in the Left Nav

The text in the left navigation menu picks up the title of the page and uses it as the label. To edit the text in the left nav, you will need to open the pages properties option in the Sidekick. You will find this option on the second tab on the top of the sidekick, with the picture of the globe on top of a white page, under "Page Properties". 


Screen capture of Page Properties in Sidekick


After opening the Page Properties you can fill out the section "Navigation Label" with the title you want the label to appear in the left nav. Please be aware that this text is case sensitive.

You also have the option of hiding the page on the left nav by selecting the check box "Hide Page in Navigation". Below is a snap shot of these options.


Screen grab of Page Properties dialouge box

How to Change the Order of Pages in the Left Nav

When you first create a page, it will be located at the bottom of the left nav as well as the hierarchy/list of pages under it's parent node. To change the location and order of  the page, move the page up or down on the site-structure in the Site Admin window by dragging it using your mouse. Click on the page you want to move and hold down the mouse button while moving the page to its new location. Once it's where you want to move, release the mouse button.

Please make sure you place the page in between the other pages you want it adjacent to; a guideline will appear to help you gauge where you want to place the page.
You must then activate the page you just moved for it to show up in the changed order on your site in production.

PLEASE NOTE: If you drag the page on top of another, it will become a child page of the page you dropped it on. If by accident this happens, use the plus sign to expand the node and, using the same method of drag and drop, move the page you intended to move into your originally desired location.


Screenshot of Side Admin