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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.0)


The CMS (Content Management System) used to create content for the BC website is  Adobe Experience Manager 6.0.

PLEASE NOTE: All new AEM users must attend the AEM training class before access can be granted. Training is mandatory. Please access the AEM training calendar here. You should also request access to the BC website that you are planning to edit with our Website Access Request form (BC sign-in required).

AEM 6.0 works well on most browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10.

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AEM Problems or Questions? Please email

NAMING CONVENTIONS:  Our recommendation on creating file names is to use only letters and numbers plus hyphens or underscores and one period before the file extension.  We also recommend sticking to all lowercase and fairly short names when you can because it makes for simpler URLs. Please avoid using any special characters in file names, such as: apostrophes, commas, quotation and question marks as they can affect the performance of AEM.