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About Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service for storing and sharing files such as photos and documents. ITS has concerns around Dropbox's deficiencies in the area of security. Dropbox should only be used for convenience, and never for Boston College confidential information.

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The consumer version of Dropbox has security deficiencies. All Dropbox hosted files are available to the administrators of Dropbox and anyone who can exploit Dropbox’s login process. Dropbox’s architecture model is one that was built for high convenience, but low levels of security.


Dropbox Guidelines

Dropbox should be used only as a tool of convenience for sharing and storing files that do not contain Boston College information that is regulated, restricted, confidential, or personally identifiable. All information that falls in those categories must be maintained in a system that is owned and managed by Boston College, or a system whose owner is under strict legal contract with the University to do so, e.g. Google Apps for Education. Dropbox does not fall into this category.

ITS will continue to observe the progress of Dropbox on security issues, and also be seeking a secure alternative solution.