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Cloud Computing

information technology services

About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a term used to describe any of a number of Internet-based services accessed over a network. The past several years have seen an increase in the use of cloud services for a variety of purposes, notably file storage, file sharing, and collaboration. ITS is often asked about the use of various consumer-oriented cloud services as alternatives to other, BC-approved, services.

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Guidelines for using Cloud Computing

Outsourced cloud services are appealing, providing low cost, state-of-the-art productivity tools from known providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. However, they present unique and unknown risks that must be carefully considered. Any cloud-based service agreement should consider all elements of the business relationship, including terms and conditions, security, reliability and viability of the provider, treatment of intellectual property, etc. Our goal is to ensure that actions taken relative to cloud services by students, faculty, and staff do not unintentionally create risk for the University. The security of Boston College data must always be paramount in our shared approach.

If you are considering cloud services for your department, please contact the Office of the CIO for a consultation. 

In an effort to guide the community's use of cloud computing resources, ITS has developed some guidelines and considerations around some commonly-used services: