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Jeopardy - Cybersecurity for $1000


Jeopardy Gif with images of Jeopardy Questions which are listed below.

This month you may have tuned into Jeopardy! to watch the “Greatest of All Time” tournament featuring James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter. Even with the smartest contestants playing, all three were stumped when asked various cybersecurity questions. 

In the category of “Cybersecurity,” none of the contestants could get the 600 point or 1000 point questions. Can you get all five of these questions right?


$200 - This type of hacker referred to by a colorful bit of headwear helpfully tests computer systems for vulnerability.

$400 - A website with a site certificate is one that uses encryption; this letter after HTTP is one sign of it.    

$600 - Companies consider cybersecurity when instructing employees with a policy on BYOD, short for this.

$800 - A ransomware attack that encrypted 3,800 city of Atlanta computers demanded 6 of these digital items to unfreeze them.

$1000 - Beware of these types of programs that track every stroke you make while typing in an effort to glean your password.


Security Resources at BC

Even the most intelligent people are susceptible to cybersecurity attacks, so it’s important to be aware of the types of threats you may face, and understand the resources you have available to get help.











$200 - Answer: White Hat

$400 - Answer: "S"

$600 - Answer: Bring Your Own Device

$800 - Answer: Bitcoin

$1000 - Answer: Keylogging programs