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Information Technology Services

Java Licensing Changes for Faculty and Staff Computers


Oracle has changed the pricing model for Java products. In the past, Java products have been free for all users. However, now the company will begin charging fees for licensing, support, and maintenance of Java in commercial, business, and education environments.

ITS is actively investigating solutions to this new challenge. In the meantime, we ask that faculty and staff follow our recommendations below to ensure you are using Java according to the new license requirements on BC-owned computers.

Faculty & Staff Recommendations:

  • Don’t update Java. If you get prompted to update Java on your BC-provided computer, do not follow the prompts to update. Click Remove (see Figure 1) instead.
Figure 1. Java update prompt.
Figure 1. Java update prompt.
  • Don’t download Java from the web. Do not download Java from the web as this may violate the new licensing requirements for Java products.
  • If you need Java, contact your TC. If you have a specific use-case that requires Java, contact your local Technology Consultant to help you obtain an official Java license.

Java Alternatives

ITS recommends AdoptOpenJDK as a free alternative to Oracle Java SE 8. To determine if AdoptOpenJDK is right for you, please contact your local Technology Consultant for assistance.