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Beware of Google Add-Ons and Extensions

Beware of Google Add-Ons and Extensions

Software companies and independent developers offer free and low cost Add-Ons and Extensions to enhance your Google services (Gmail, Drive, Slides, Sheets, Docs, Chrome etc.). However, these products are not always secure, and you may be putting your personal information and Boston College data at risk by using one of these tools.

For example, you may find a free Mail Merge add-on. But did you know that by getting this add-on you also agreed to allow it to read, compose, send, and permanently delete all of your email messages, Google Drive files, and contacts? Be sure to read the fine print before installing one of these tools to ensure you haven’t given an untrusted product access to all of your emails and files.

If you feel you need one of these extra services, please check with ITS first by completing a Technology Acquisition Request Form at: (BC Login Required)