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Stolen Email Address/Password Combinations

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Earlier this year, more than a billion unique email address and password combinations were posted to an online hacking forum for anyone to see in a mega-breach called “Collection #1.” Find out if your email and password are among the stolen (and published), and follow these best practices for protecting your accounts:

  1. Determine if you’ve been compromised. Visit to see if your accounts are listed in the “Collection #1” breach or others, and change your password(s) immediately for those accounts.

  2. Use 2-Step Verification. Most online services offer the option to enable 2-Step Verification, which adds an extra layer of security to access your account.

  3. Change your passwords at least once a year for sensitive online accounts. BC requires you to change your BC Password once a year. We also recommend you change passwords for your other important personal accounts, such as financial accounts or email accounts, annually.

  4. Use different passwords for different account types. For example, social media, financial, and work accounts should all use different passwords to ensure if one account is compromised, the rest remain secure.

  5. Use a password manager app to help manage your passwords. There are free services available online such as LastPass, KeePass, and Password Safe.