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Active Scam: "Are you around?"

Active Scam: "Are you around?"

** This active scam has targeted at least 6 BC departments recently. **

The email appears to be from an actual Boston College faculty or staff member, Dean, Chairperson, or Director, but it is from a scammer. The scammer uses info available on the web to target specific people - a technique known as “spear phishing.”

The message contains short sentences to start, like “Are you around?”. The scammer’s goal is to get you to reply to their email, and start a conversation during which they ask you to buy gift cards. ​​​Do not reply to these emails. 

  • If you receive an unexpected email that appears to be from someone you know at BC, think twice before replying. 
  • If you aren’t sure if the email is authentic, instead of replying, contact the sender using information you already have about them (such as their BC email address or phone number from the directory).