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Information Technology Services

Scammers Targeting BC


It's happened before, and it's happening again - toner scammers are relentless!

The Procurement Office has received numerous complaints recently from departments regarding phone calls from very aggressive toner scammers who are targeting multiple areas at BC, especially new staff, temporary staff, and students.

The person on the phone usually knows the make and model number of your copier, printer, and fax machine.   He or she will tell you that your department has ordered from them before or they know your name or they may have other personal information such as your title or birthday.

The sales tactics are usually aggressive. They may tell you, “We’re running a half price special,” or “they are no longer going to make your toner.” They usually go by a generic business name such as "Business Services" or Corporate Services." Don't be fooled.

They eventually ask for a credit card number to place an order. Once they have the number, they will use it!

Please refer them to Procurement and transfer the call directly to 2-3055. 


  • Never order from any company that calls your department directly unless it’s an established vendor (such WB Mason).  
  • If you’re not sure, please ask for their phone number to call them back.  A scammer usually refuses to give that information and hangs up.  
  • Never give a credit card number to anyone calling on the phone unless you know who you are speaking to.

Please warn your colleagues not to accept these calls.