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New Google Calendar Interface Available


by EagleTech Lindsay McKean

A quick rundown on what's new with Google Calendar's updated interface...


  • Modern color palette, sleek design, auto-adjusts to screen size


  • You can now:
  • Add hyperlinks to relevant powerpoints, documents, articles, etc. that can be seen when you click on an event.
  • In Day view,  view two or more calendars from different people or places at the same time side by side.
  • For example, you could select Tuesday, November 28th, and view Jimmy’s, Cami’s, and Amanda’s work schedules for the day in individual, side by side columns.
  • See contact information of a specific person when you hover over their name in a calendar invite
  • View and restore deleted items in one place, even if they apply to different calendars
  • Quickly add all of the details of an event when you click on a space in the calendar instead of having to click on the “edit this event” button.
  • Have people decline or accept an invitation to a calendar event, which will be color coded for either option.

Learn more from Google.