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Love Your Computer Month: Why should you regularly change your passwords?


February is Love Your Computer month! To celebrate, here are a few tips on why and how you should regularly update and change your account passwords:

  • Should hackers get ahold of one of your passwords (which you use for multiple accounts), it gives them the key to identity theft and fraud.
  • Regularly updating passwords invalidates passwords stored on devices that have been lost, forgotten, sold or discarded without being wiped.
  • If a hacker does acquire your password but you change it on a regular basis, it limits the time they have to do damage.
  • When you do change your password, make sure your new credential isn't too closely linked to your old one. For example, if your password was Fluffy89!, don't just change it to fluffY98.
  • Be sure to keep track of your passwords - you can use password managers like LastPass or KeePass to do so.