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Safer Internet Day


As Safer Internet Day comes winding down to an end, here are some helpful tips to keep safe and enhance your internet experience.

  • Google is giving away 2 GB of free Drive space to people who participate in a security checkup today.

  • Always remember to be careful with what you say to people when you are on your computer. Cyber bullying is extremely harmful to teenagers so never use social media as a way to bully your peers!!

  • Twitter has been enhancing its policies over the past years to help users get the best and safest experience possible. Just recently they have added bystander reporting on tweets to help combat hateful messages and cyber bullying.

  • Don’t forget the basics such as setting strong passwords or the risks of public wifi! While these may seem unimportant, they help to keep you safe on the internet.

  • There are a lot of simple steps to help prevent your identity from being stolen. Make sure to keep your software updated and never give away personal information.
Safer Internet Day