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Students - Beware of Job Scams

email scam job offers being sent to student emails


Most college student are always in search of a way to make a quick few dollars, and scammers are taking advantage, trying to scam college students with job offers that seem legitimate. These offers can be sent straight to student email accounts with promises of flexible hours, good pay, and little experience required. If you have been looking for jobs online and stumble across in offer in your emai,l make sure to use the following tips to help determine if it is truly a job or not.

  1. Being hired on the spot is often a sign of a scam. True employers will very rarely hire people without having an interview at the very least so if you are hired immediately, use caution.

  2. If a job does not require any previous experience it could be a scam. Most jobs require some sort of prior experience so that employees have some skills that can be applied to the job. Not requiring experience for people applying is a tell-tale sign of a possible scam.

  3. If a job seems too good to be true, it likely is. If you get offered $50 and hour with a flexible schedule to do menial work it is likely a scam. Be realistic with how much the work you are being asked to do is worth and if you're being offered substantially more money be suspicious as this is likely a scam. 

  4. Job offers for positions with basic titles such as administrative assistant are often times not legitamate offers. If you receive an email for a job with this title or other basic ones you shoudl be suspicious.
Falling for these scams can be dangerous because this can allow hackers to get you information and hack your bank accounts and even commit identity theft. After being given these fake jobs, the hacker often will give you a way to set up a direct deposit and they will just use this information to get your bank account information to take your money and to steal your identity.

To learn more about these scams and what can happen check out these sites:


Jim Halpert