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2017 Tech Gifts


Gifts for the Techie (or even not-so-techie) in Your Life

by EagleTech Lindsay McKean

It's not too late (but it's close). If you're still looking for that perfect tech gift for that special someone, we've got some ideas for you...

Amazon Echo Generation 2 

The new Echo, while being half the cost of the original at $100, offers strong sound quality, features a new compact and attractive design and a variety of interchangeable cells. This speaker still features the same intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, and is a perfect blend between affordability and sound quality.

Google Daydream

The Google Daydream transforms your Android phone into an immersive virtual reality headset with a much more modest price tag then other virtual reality products on the market at $99. This headset is a simple way to experience 360-degree games, videos, and panoramic photos, and also features a remote that acts as your essential navigation and gameplay wand. This product features a multitude of colors and a fabric cover for a more comfortable experience.

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

The new HP Sprocket 2-in-1 now adds a camera to the portable printer they previously released, so users don’t need smartphones to use the device. The Sprocket also has a mobile app that connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth for easy printing, and allows you to customize your photos by adding filters, text, or images. Also provided is a built in SD card slot for photo memory. The printer alone costs $149.99, while the 2-in-1 device is priced at $159.99, a modest price considering it combines the best features of other portable printing devices on the market.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch has been one of the biggest tech items on the market since its first model’s release in 2015. The Series 3 model now hones in on features that their very prominent health and fitness conscious customer base are looking for, including a barometric altimeter to track flights climbed and general elevation data during a workout, Apple Music streaming, and it's water-resistant for up to 50 meters. In addition, the Series 3 includes LTE connectivity which allows you to make calls and texts without needing your cell phone nearby, adds the Siri voice component from the iPhone, 16GB storage capability, and a cleaner and easier to navigate Explorer watch face. The watch starts at $329, and your mobile phone carrier will likely charge you $10/month for the LTE capable version.

GoPro Hero5 Session

At $199.99, the new GoPro Hero5 Session is the smallest camera that the company has ever released, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. It has a significantly smaller screen than previous GoPro models which makes framing shots more difficult, but on the go filming significantly easier. This new model also features voice control to begin recording or to take pictures. Additionally, you can connect your Apple or Android device to connect to your GoPro camera to follow along as it films and control the aspects of your shot. While video quality is somewhat compromised with this GoPro model, its ability to fit in spaces other cameras can’t is a huge bonus.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate gaming console, providing both at-home and on-the-go experiences, in one device. On both sides of the portable tablet are WII remotes which can be detached and used for at-home play by projecting your game onto a TV, or reattached to play wherever you want. The Nintendo Switch game options include classics such as Legends of Zelda and Mario, which you can purchase by browsing their eShop filled with classic and indie titles. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch has a smartphone app which allows you to connect with other players and invite them to games.  Microsoft Xbox One X

The Microsoft Xbox One X

Not just a gaming system, XBox is now a premier home entertainment system with 4K graphics, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube apps, Blu-ray DVD Player (the only console on the market with that capability), and Dolby Atmos audio. The console is sleek and compact, featuring a matte grey color scheme. While much of the controls and inputs are the same as the previous model: Xbox One S, the 4K capability on the One X is unrivaled, and when paired with a 4K HDR TV, creates an unmatched visual experience. The price is steep at $499, but when considering it provides a multitude of home entertainment options, the price seems much more approachable.

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is one of the most portable drones on the market, perfect for those who want great drone shots, without the price tag. It has features such as obstacle detection, dual-band GPS, and visual positioning that allows it to hover in place 98 feet above the ground. The attached HD camera captures smooth, quality footage, which can directed to start recording, stop recording, or take a picture with various arm motions. At approximately $399, it’s a great option for people looking for a simple experience with great results.

iPhone X

The new iPhone X has been one of most talked about tech products of the year. The newest iPhone model features FaceID. Not only does this feature unlock your screen, but it also hides all notifications until it recognizes that you are using it and dials down ringtone volume when it recognizes that you have realizes you are getting a phone call. FaceID has now completely replaced the need for a home button, and allows the X to be a complete screen, which is larger than the iPhone 8 Plus in a device that is barely larger than the iPhone 8.  The X also features a wireless charging device that provides a long-lasting battery life. While it’s price tag is steep starting at $999, it is one of the most efficient and show-stopping mobile phones on the market.   

Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones

Sony has upgraded their new WH-1000XM2 headphones with atmospheric pressure optimizing, ambient sound control, and equalizer and surround sound position controls, which allow you to better tailor sound to your environment. While sound quality has not been upgraded (it was already top-rated to begin with), battery life has been. It provides you 30 hours of life wireless and noise cancelling, or 40 hours if you use a wireless connection. Additionally, there’s a quick charge feature that gives you up to 70 minutes of battery life in just 10 minutes.