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Safer Internet Day


by EagleTech Cami Bolling

It's here -  one of the biggest cyber security awareness events of the year, Safer Internet Day! The purpose of the day is to unite everyone on the internet, to create safe and welcoming online spaces! Here are a few ways you can be the change you wish to see online

Check out is the key to everything you need to know about safety on the internet! It offers information about upcoming events related to internet safety. It also offers resources to cope with cyberbullying and any other harms you may encounter online

Become a Safer Internet Day Supporter

Register your interest in Safety Internet Day (SID) by clicking on this link When you register, you will be emailed links and information about safety events and local initiatives in your area!

Monitor your Social Media Feeds

If you see something, say something! Scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed and see an offensive post or comment? Report it! Reporting inappropriate comments is easy and is an important part of creating a welcoming online environment.

Look for Positive Online Content

Help foster the positive and challenge the negative by sharing uplifting posts online! Whether it’s tweeting something nice about a friend, reposting a funny meme, or sharing adorable cat videos on Facebook, take the time to make the Internet a better place!