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World Password Day

password day reminder

by EalgeTechs Cami Bolling '19 Amanda Callahan '20

May 4 is one of the most important cyber security days of the year, World Password Day! Join thousands of people around the world and take the pledge to improve your password habits. We know that strengthening your passwords may seem like a daunting task, so here are a few tips and resources to help you get the job done!

Use a Password Manager

Although baldwin123 may be your password of choice, it’s not strong enough to keep your information safe. Downloading a free password manager, such as Last Pass 4.0 or 1 U Password Manager, will help you automatically create a strong password for every site. It will also help you keep track of all of your different passwords!

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Although having strong passwords is important and can help keep your data safe, passwords can inevitably be hacked or leaked in data breaches. So, by using multi-factor authentication, you can add an extra layer to your passwords to prevent this. The most common form of multi-factor authentication is your cellphone. You can add multi-factor authentication to your email addresses and any apps you download. Just choose to verify them with a cellphone and you’re all set!

Learn about using multi-factor authentication for your BC Google account.


Create a different password for each account

If someone gets access to your one, key password they have access to everything! Don’t let this happen! The solution: have a different password for every online account. Hackers know people reuse passwords and will try the same one to get into all kinds of accounts. Use your password manager to keep track of your various passwords and help keep your accounts safe.

Create strong passwords

Aside from having various passwords make sure they are secure as well. Keep your passwords to a minimum of 8 characters that include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as symbols and numbers. Also try to avoid using personal information in your passwords that can be easy to guess or easily accessible based on social media.

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