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Eight Apps to You Get Through Finals

selfcontrol app icon

by EagleTech Katie Kuri '20

We usually do introductions to articles like this, but it's finals time, so who has time for that? On to the apps!


If you’re a typical college student, you probably have trouble staying focused on your studying. SelfControl is an app for Macs that allows you to block your own access to anything on the Internet that will distract you. Until the time that you set expires, you will not be able to access those websites even if you restart your computer.


studyblue app icon


StudyBlue is an app/website where you can create your own flashcards, review sheets, or quizzes in order to help you study. It also allows you to access flashcards and notes that other people have uploaded to the site on different topics and subjects.


Any.DO app icon


Do you need something to help you stay organized? Any.DO is “the ultimate app for getting things done.” It keeps track of all your tasks, lists, and reminders in one place. It also syncs all the things you need to do onto all of your devices so you always have your to-do list with you.


wunderlist app icon


Wunderlist is an app that can help you with final group projects. The app allows you to create and share to-do lists with your group members, set due dates and reminders, and assign other people things to do.


My Study Life app icon

My Study Life

My Study Life is an app designed to organize your workload and help you keep track of when your final exams are and when you need to study for them. It’s basically an online version of a planner.


grades 3 app icon

Grades 3

Are you on the edge between a B+ and A- and curious as to what grade you need to get on your final exam to bump that average up to a 90? Grades 3 allows you to enter your grades for your classes and then calculate what you must get on your final to reach the grade you want.


exam support icon

Exam Support

If you have trouble concentrating because of test anxiety, Exam Support is the app you need. This app has guided audio meditations designed for the sole purpose of relieving students of their exam anxiety.

sleepcycle app icon


SleepCycle is an app that keeps track of your sleeping patterns and wakes you up during a period of light sleep. Being awoken during a state of light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested, which is just what you need after staying up late studying.