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Information Technology Services

Back-to-School Cyber Security


by EagleTech Amanda Callahan

Welcome back! With fall semester beginning comes the beginning of classes, reuniting with your friends, football games and tailgates, and so much more. But don’t forget to be aware of Internet safety and Cyber Security Awareness! Here are some tips to help stay safe.

Install Antivirus Software

If you have not already done this head to and select Antivirus to access the page that offers Antivirus software - McAfee for Windows and Sophos for Macs. All the instructions to download are located there for easy access!

Use different passwords

Most websites now require “strong” passwords with a variation of numbers, letters, and characters, but you should always use passwords that are hard-to-guess. Be careful not to use the same passwords across various sites accounts, which makes it easier for hackers to access your information. Use unique passwords to help keep all your accounts safe.

Backup Your Data

Make sure to backup your data either using an external hard drive, a flash drive, or a cloud-based account. Your BC Google Drive is great because there is an unlimited amount of storage and it automatically backs up your data for you.

Watch Out for Phishing

Be careful of email attachments, especially linked to your BC email account. If you aren’t expecting an email from a professor or student don’t open the attachment, it may be a scam. Think before you click!

Physical Security

No one wants to think their devices aren’t safe here on campus, but truth is leaving your laptop and phone on an unattended library table is not a great idea. Communal areas, dorms, libraries, and dining halls are the perfect places for thieves to target, so always keep an eye on your devices!

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