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Email FAQs

faculty guide to technology at boston college


I would prefer to use another email address. Is that okay?

Yes, but forward your BC Gmail account. Students and colleagues searching the BC Directory, will by default, find your BC email address. It cannot be deactivated. Also, Campus Groups, a widely used distribution list system works with BC addresses only. Consequently, if you prefer to use another account/address, we recommend that you set your BC account to forward to your preferred account. 

How come I have two different BC addresses?

In addition to the address format, BC provides a "friendly address" which takes the form: Find your exact friendly address by searching the online directory. Both formats will deliver mail to the same account, but ITS recommends that you use your friendly address.

  • Were you a "dot1"? The "dot1" has been dropped. addresses are now

What email programs are in use at BC and how do I get one set up on my computer?

Can I install an email program on my home/personal machine?

Yes. You may already have an application installed:

How do I send an email message to my entire class?

Class distribution groups are generated automatically with Boston College's Campus Group system. They are viewable within BC's Agora Portal (select Campus Group > My Groups) or through the Agora Portal (My Services > Common Services > Campus Groups)

I'd like to create an email distribution list (listserv) for my committee work.

If all members have BC email addresses, you can create email distribution lists using Campus Groups. You can create groups within the Address component of most email programs. You can also create a BCPost ListServ. ListServs give you a variety of additional options including control over whom can post to the list and what can be posted. BCPost, BC's mailing list (listserv) service has a web user interface which allows you to view, work with, and manage lists via the web.

  • If you want to include non-BC email addresses and/or be able to restrict access or moderate content, use BCPost.
  • BCPost messages are archived and can be viewed online.

I receive a lot of unsolicited junk email (Spam). What is BC doing about it and what can I do?

BC has seen a tremendous increase in the volume of spam/junk email received. This problem is not unique to Boston College. Boston College uses a Spam Quarantine system (ProofPoint), which stops a lot of spam before it ever reaches your Inbox. If you are still receiving unwanted messages, you can add addresses to the quarantine. Learn how at: