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Information Technology Services


Storage Administration

The Storage Administration group is responsible for all the data stored in the data center. Its purview includes:

  • Maintaining all vendor storage arrays in the data center.
  • Maintaining the backup software.
  • Ensuring our daily backups is run correctly and copies maintained off site. They are also responsible for ensuring the data can be restored properly.
  • Maintaining the Fiber Channel infrastructure and the Storage Area network in the data center.
  • Maintaining the software (Zabbix) that monitors the servers in the data center. This includes setting thresholds, and developing custom monitoring scripts.
  • Performance and capacity planning for the data center and the servers.
  • The manager of the group is responsible for sizing servers and working with vendors to get quotes for new projects.
  • The group plays a lead role in disaster recovery since it must ensure that all the data is backed up safely and that backup servers can be recovered during a disaster.

With the installation of the new storage array in July of 2010, there are now over 300 terabytes of disk in the data center stored on 3 different storage arrays.