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Information Technology Services


Unix Server Administration

The UNIX Systems Administration group supports the various types of UNIX operating systems, which includes AIX (IBM), Linux (open source), and Solaris (Sun). 

The group consists of five Systems Administrators and a Manager.   The UNIX Systems Administrators are responsible for:

·        Operating System Installation

·        UNIX patching

·        UNIX security

·        Server recovery in the event of a problem

·        Performance adjustment to the servers

·        UNIX upgrades

·        DNS (Domain Name Services)

·        VMWare – Server virtualization for Windows and Linux servers.

·        Bladelogic – Software tool that allows for quick update of servers.

·        z/OS IBM Operating system that runs on the mainframe.

·        Maintain the cluster of Linux machines used by academic departments for research.

·        Voice Mail application

·        BladeCenter server installation and maintenance

·        IBM RS/6000 LPAR (Logical Partitioning)

There are now more than 700 UNIX servers in the data center.