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Information Technology Services

Production and Data Services

information technology services

Production Services provides administrative support to centralized Information Technology functions. This support includes:

  • Management of scheduled processes, for both mainframe-based and distributed applications. Tivoli Workload Manager is the key software that allows us to schedule and control the execution of several thousand processes nightly for the university’s services and major applications. By centralizing this management, we utilize the availability of the 24x7 operations staff and allow complex multi-server processes to be scheduled, coordinated, and monitored.
  • Management of identity and access control information, for mainframe and many distributed servers. The mainframe based Identity Management System is the heart of university-wide account management, provisioning, and access control. BC utilizes role-based access wherever possible that tightly coordinates access with employee positions, student status, etc. 
  • Software source management and quality assurance, utilizing several source code repositories. In keeping with the audit consideration “separation of duties”, several software packages are used to manage application software repositories, migration workflow & approvals, and software deployment. These packages include CA/Endevor (UIS), Quest’s STAT (Peoplesoft), and CA/SCM (Open systems applications).
  • Management of core university data. To ensure that university applications reference consistent central data, we maintain up-to-date versions of personnel, facility, organization, and affiliation data and serve this to whichever applications require it. This process is being upgraded by the current “Master Data Management” project, which will improve data sharing among publishing and subscribing applications.
  • Management of web-based report distribution, via the “Vista” web-based report management system.
  • System documentation and metrics.
  • User contact for many central services, such as the "abuse line", bulk email delivery, and copyright infringement procedures.


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