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Information Technology Services

Computer Operations

information technology services

The Computer Operations team is committed to serving the Boston College user community. Internet, BC network, cable television, telephone access, administrative computer applications, academic research systems, and computer hardware are constantly monitored by the Computer Operations staff.

The Computer Operations staff utilizes various tools and resources for the monitoring and troubleshooting of campus systems and applications, ensuring that unexpected problems or outages are resolved promptly and services are restored as soon as possible. It is important that the user community report any problems they notice to Computer Operations so the escalation process can begin immediately.


  • 24x7 monitoring of all computer room-based servers, storage, and network devices
  • Monitor BC LAN / WAN network
  • Ensure that all centralized services and applications are available to the user community
  • Inform all BC staff of any disruption in services through postings to the ITS Listserv and campus portal
  • Maintain Configuration and Change control data for all computer room resources
  • Track and report configuration, usage and performance metrics, as well as environmental data
  • Oversee Data Center change schedules and service calendars
  • Monitor the application availability and scheduled process activity and report/resolve issues
  • Assume the Help Center functions during off-hour shifts
  • Assist the Computer Policy & Security staff by scheduling and running security scans on all computer servers
  • Perform tape management and other business continuity functions

Machine Room/Data Center

The machine room houses over 1000 computer servers supporting both academic and administrative functions, as well as all their supporting equipment, in a secured area staffed 24x7. It has 150 tons of air conditioning that maintains all equipment running at normal temperatures. It also has a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) that maintains a 30 minute full load battery backup that protects all the computer systems in the event of a power failure or power spike. There is also a 1500 KVWgenerator that will support the Data Center in a prolonged outage, if necessary, which is tested biweekly. 


Contact Information

Andre Arasimowicz
Manager, Data Center Operations

Need help? Visit or call (617) 552-HELP (4357).