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Information Technology Services

Application Administrator Team

information technology services

The Information Technology Application Administrator (ITAA) Team at Boston College designs, implements, and manages  endpoint solutions, data center automation, DevOps strategies, source code deployments, and database-driven applications.



TThe ITAA Team delivers endpoint (client) solutions for a secure, stable, and productive computing experience for faculty, staff, and students. This includes:

Endpoint Protection

  • Antivirus

  • Data backup

  • Data encryption

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Identification

System Build

  • System Image Creation and Delivery– The ITAA Team builds and maintains both Windows and Macintosh system images for hardware delivered through the Boston College Computer Replacement (BCCR) program.  The Team also manages applications for replicating these images to desktop and laptop computers

  • Software Packaging and Distribution– The Team packages software for distribution through the BC download website and/or through endpoint management software

Management Tools

The ITAA Team is responsible for tools utilized by computing support staff across campus to manage computer systems in their areas.

  • Endpoint Management Platform - Provides a comprehensive suite of services that allow support staff to manage computers on and off campus from their own computer.

  • PowerShell Script Library

  • Active Directory Services and Group Policy Creation



Workload Scheduling

The ITAA Team is responsible for securing and maintaining the environment and the application, which automates, monitors and controls workflow (scheduling of specific application tasks) throughout the Boston College Data Center (development, quality assurance and production environments).

The Team also works with application developers and Production Services to make the job scheduling process efficient. This includes monitoring, training, report building, as well as developing and maintaining a job documentation database application.



  • The Team contributes to the development of infrastructure code and automation of server builds and release management for the continual (24/7) in-house software development process.

  • The Team implements and maintains the software development artifact (code) repository

  • The Team implements incident management software in the Boston College Data Center



The Team releases software code to the production environment in keeping with SAS 115 audit controls.


The Team builds and maintains FileMaker Server systems to secure and support the use of FileMaker at Boston College. The Team also provides Microsoft SQL Server configuration consultation and troubleshooting.


Contact Information

Sami Karachi
Associate Director, Data Center Operations & Application Administration

Need help? Visit or call (617) 552-HELP (4357).