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Information Technology Services

Collaboration Systems

information technology services

The Collaboration Systems group implements technologies to facilitate communication and collaboration between individuals and groups both within BC and beyond. The tools we provide include Google Apps, BCWiki, network printing, network registration/access and application virtualization. We provide 24x7 support for all the services described below.


All Boston College faculty, staff and students have Google Apps accounts which include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Chat
  • Hangouts
  • Contacts
  • Groups

These services are covered for support by a contract between BC and Google. Additional services that are not covered by our contract (YouTube, Maps, etc. ) are also available with your BC-Google account.

Additional EMail Services

All mail coming into the University is scanned for spam and viruses and filtered as needed via our secure mail gateways. We provide lifetime BC email addresses for our alumni community so that our graduates can continue to use the email address they had as a student. In addition, we provide listserv software to facilitate group-based email distribution and discussion.


The BCWiki is a collaboration tool for sharing information with individuals and groups in the BC community. Wiki tools allow for easy organization and presentation of content,  graphical editing (like Visio), shared calendars and more. The BCWiki is a powerful tool to facilitate knowledge management and secure information sharing.

Network Access and Registration

The Collaboration Systems team manages secure network access to our wired and wireless networks. Our secured campus wireless network is Eduroam, which allows students, faculty and staff to use their home institution's WiFi credentials to access WiFi network services when visiting other eduroam participating institutions—without having to set up a guest account.

Network Printing - Pharos

Faculty, Staff and Students can submit print jobs from any Mac or Windows computer to color and black-and-white printers in O’Neill Library, the Law Library and several other locations. Print jobs are only printed upon release by the user from a dedicated print release station. Submitted jobs can be released and printed at any Pharos print location.

Application Virtualization

Using application virtualization technology from Citrix systems, we provide browser-based access to applications that are complex and costly to install, configure, and manage locally. The applications include statistical, mathematical, and other highly specialized software. Files are saved to a network file service that is optimized for use with Citrix and accessible from any system on the BC network. Citrix terminals allow for low-cost, low-maintenance public computer access in various locations on campus. Citrix is used successfully in both academic and administrative environments here at BC.

Cloud Computing

Our team is actively deploying and evaluating options to leverage cloud computing for disaster recovery purposes, low-cost storage options, and a variety of other applications.


Contact Information

Eileen Shepard
Associate Director

Need help? Visit or call (617) 552-HELP (4357).