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Information Technology Services

Strategic Planning & Governance

Business, Planning & Project Services

The purpose of the Strategic Planning & Governance area is to develop and implement the ITS Strategic Plan, as well as manage and oversee the progression of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). We work to develop, enhance, and facilitate an effective ITS strategic planning process involving key University stakeholders and ensure alignment of ITS initiatives with Boston College’s priorities, mission, and goals. We are responsible for the development of the ITS Strategic Plan working with various committees, advisory groups, and ITS leadership to identify initiatives for inclusion into the strategic plan. Working with ITS directors, we also develop the Action Plan to support the implementation of activities related to the Strategic Plan.

We are responsible for maintaining a close link between the ITS Strategic Planning process and the ITS Governance (Project Portfolio Management) process to ensure the optimization of ITS resources in the department’s efforts to realize its vision and mission.


Provides resources to oversee and evaluate projects based on PPM utilization and encourages resource collaboration on project and technology decisions

  • ITS Project Review Committee (PRC): reviews and prioritizes all project requests that require capital funding and are presented to ITS for implementation
  • ITS Executive Steering Committee (ESC): leads a set of processes for IT governance and investment prioritization for Boston College
ITS Project Groups

Optimize prioritized list of projects approved/reviewed by the PRC and ESC.

  • ITS Management Review Committee (MRC): reviews and confirms resource allocation within defined project implementation order, as well as resolve schedule and resource constraints across all ITS projects
  • ITS Leadership Steering Committee (LSC): leads a set of processes for IT governance and strategic direction for ITS; oversees project list and conflict resolution along with general administration on operations, maintenance and support

Strategic Plan

The Boston College ITS Strategic Plan is the basis for developing and organizing strategies aimed at maintaining BC's goals in conjunction with managing technological services and projects.

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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Utilized as a set of management processes designed to help an organization acquire and view information about all of its projects.

PPM Objectives
  • To ensure a strong link between University goals and projects selected for implementation
  • To clearly articulate the business value of every project
  • To facilitate a balanced and diversified approach to projects
  • To develop a 'big picture' view of projects and to promote a broad understanding of the overall portfolio of projects
  • To optimize the allocation of ITS resources across projects
  • To establish the relative importance (priority) of projects and effectively communicate the portfolio status to the Steering Committee
Proposed PPM Process Steps
  1. Collect project requests
  2. Prioritize projects within business units
  3. Develop business cases - collaboration of ITS, business units and other areas as needed
  4. Project portfolio consolidated - ITS/PMO
  5. Prioritize ranking of portfolio - Project Review Committee
  6. Optimize prioritized list of projects - collaboration of IT projects group and Project Review Committee
  7. Create final prioritized list identifying projects for implementation
  8. Review and approve list of projects for implementation - Executive Steering Committee  
  9. Create schedule for ongoing porfolio evaluation and assessment


Denis Walsh
Associate Director, IT Planning & Portfolio Governance
ITS Business, Planning & Project Services
(617) 552-8510