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Replacement Process

boston college computer replacement program

When will I get my new computer?

Departments have been grouped by deployment years based closely on the replacement schedule of the previous cycle.

About 1-4 weeks prior to your department's alloted timeframe, your Department Contact (DC) will schedule the specific installation date and may ask you for your preferred day and time.


What type of computer will I receive?

  • Administrative staff will typically receive a standard Dell desktop computer. Any other models must be approved by and paid for by your department.
  • Faculty will receive a standard Dell or Apple laptop or desktop computer.
  • If you have questions about the type of computer you will receive, contact your DC.
  • Dell computers will come with Windows 10 and Apple computers will come with the latest version of Mac OS X.


1-4 Weeks Before You Receive Your New Computer

What to expect:

  • Your DC and TC identify which systems are eligible for replacement, which of the available computer models to purchase, and secure approval and funding for special orders.
  • Your DC schedules the replacements, and may ask you for your preferred day and time. 
  • Your TC helps identify and test any special software and peripherals, such as scanners, used in your department.
  • ITS will continue to use a tool (Altiris Client Management) to identify what software is running on your computer in order to configure and customize your new computer.
  • You will receive email reminders about your scheduled replacement.
  • You will receive a link to instructions on how to prepare for your new computer.
  • Your DC may schedule and invite you to training.

What you can do to prepare for your new computer:

  • Delete files you no longer need and empty the Recycle Bin when you’re done.
  • Remove any personal files, such as photos or music, from your computer.
    • The BCCR team is not responsible for personal files! Remember it’s not appropriate (and sometimes violates copyright law) to store personal music or movies on your work computer.
  • Confidential information such as FERPA-protected material, Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, and any financial or personally identifiable information should not be stored on your BC computer. We strongly recommend you review the Regulated Data Chart to help you decide where to store confidential data.


1 Day Before & The Day You Receive Your New Computer

Learn what you need to do to prepare for your new computer.


1 to 2 Weeks After Your Receive Your New Computer

  • If you have any questions about or problems with your new computer, or are missing any files, contact the Help Center at 2-HELP (617-552-4357).
  • After the two week period, the data from your old computer is erased using a secure method.
  • You will receive an email asking for your feedback: BCCR feedback form