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Stolen Computer Policy

boston college computer replacement

What if my BCCR computer is stolen?

If your BCCR computer is stolen, please take the following actions:

  1. Contact your Technology Consultant (TC) to report the computer stolen.  If you are unsure who your TC is, please check the TC listing page. Your TC can help determine your stolen computer’s serial number for your BC Police Department report.

  2. File a report with the BC Police Department by calling 617-552-4440.  This must be done even if the computer was stolen off campus, as it is a Boston College asset.

  3. If there is confidential data on your computer, contact ITS Security at or 617-552-0041. Not sure if your computer had confidential data?  Review the BC Confidential Data list to learn what information BC considers confidential (BC sign-in required)

Who pays for a replacement computer?
The department is responsible for replacing the computer with department funds.

Can we file a claim?
Boston College Risk Management would not handle a claim for a single computer theft because the University deductible is $100,000 and a missing computer claim wouldn't be worth the cost unless it was part of a greater calamity (fire/water damage, etc.)

Can I get a loaner until the BCCR program replaces my computer?  
Check with your TC to see if there are any loaners available.  Depending on availability, BCCR also maintains a small pool of loaner Windows laptops.

How does this impact the BCCR program?
According to the program rules, the department needs to return a computer in order to receive a BCCR computer in the next cycle. In the case where the computer was stolen, we can take any department owned computer as a 3-way swap.

How do I get my data back?
If you use Code42 CrashPlan, you can retrieve data that had been backed up.  More information can be found on the ITS CrashPlan page.

How do I protect sensitive data on my computer?
When possible, do not store sensitive information especially personal data (PII) on your computer.  Please refer to the University's regulated data chart to determine where and how you may store sensitive information.