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Business Rules

boston college computer replacement

Primary computers

BCCR eligibility is determined by position number. Eligibility requirements: 

  • Full time
  • Regular (not temporary)
  • Budgeted (position is funded)
  • Active
  • Within eligible salary accounts

One computer is deployed per position, per four-year BCCR cycle.

Eligible faculty positions may select a standard desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac. Non-standard systems incur a variance which must be approved and paid from the Provost fund or department budget

Eligible staff positions are issued a standard Windows desktop. Any other model incurs a variance which must be approved and paid with department funds.


Shared computers

Shared computers used in faculty areas are eligible for any standard desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac. Any other model incurs a variance that must be paid from the Provost Fund or department budget.

Shared computers used in administrative areas are eligible for a standard Windows desktop. All other models incur a variance that must be paid with department funds or EVP approved funds.


Classroom Computers

Classroom computers may be any standard computer. Variances are covered by department budget.


Department Responsibilities

Approval and Funding for Hardware Upgrades

  • Departments are responsible for receiving the appropriate approvals for any special hardware upgrades or requests, and transferring the necessary funds to ITS.
  • The transfer of funds needs to be done according to a pre-defined timeline that enables the BCCR team to place orders far enough in advance to ensure equipment arrives in time for the department’s scheduled upgrades.

Computer Exchange

For each computer provided through BCCR, there is a 1:1 exchange required. Departments must return a working BC-purchased computer. Departments who wish to return their older systems first, must work closely with the BCCR Team. It is critical that the Asset Management system has all the required information and that all licensing requirements are resolved prior to the date of the exchange.

For this BCCR cycle, if you're moving from a desktop to a laptop, you will need to return all the accessories that were deployed with the desktop (including your monitor, keyboard, power adapter, and mouse).

Stolen Computers

If your BCCR computer is stolen, please see the BCCR stolen computer policy.


Computer Donations

As a practice, Boston College does not donate computers to charity organizations.  Computers that are no longer in use have their hard drives erased to comply with software license agreements and are sent to a third-party vendor for Asset Recovery and resold by the third party. If determined to not be resalable by the third party, the computers are disposed in a manner that adheres to all EPA, federal, and state regulations.