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Boston College Computer Replacement (BCCR)

lifecycle management, information technology services

BCCR is the Boston College Computer Replacement Program. Through the program, eligible faculty and staff computers are replaced every four years.

The current BCCR cycle began September 12, 2016 and will be completed on May 31, 2020. 

What's the SAME?

  • Dell and Apple desktop and laptop computers are offered.
  • BCCR will continue to use the Altiris Tool to collect information about installed software and other user configuration.
  • BCCR, Department Contacts and TCs use the IT asset management application (AM-CR) to track the computers currently in their department and also to specify what computers to order and schedule for replacement.
  • BCCR expects to receive back a BC-owned, working computer for every computer replaced. Departments will have the option to return older systems first, providing they are BC-owned.


If you received a BCCR computer during a previous replacement cycle, you will notice some changes to the program.

  • Dell computers will come with Windows 10 64-bit Operating System by default. (Apple computers will come with the latest version of Mac OS X.)
  • You will retain the Dell monitor received from the last BCCR cycle. Apple desktops (iMacs) are all-in-one systems.