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Space and Facilities Project Request

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Project Request Form
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Instructions for the Form

Complete the Space and Facilities Project Request form to formalize your project with Space Planning and Facilities Management. This system was formerly for Alteration & Renovation (A&R) requests, but has been upgraded to include all space and facilities requests as described below. We will jointly review and coordinate all project requests, including any follow-up, scoping, or cost estimating procedures.

A project request form is required for the following:

  • Alterations and renovations. Program-driven requests for new space or requests for alterations and renovations to an existing space, i.e., any changes in space occupancy or utilization, leased space, temporary space, swing space, occupied, or unoccupied space.
  • Large-scale maintenance. Requests for maintenance or replacements of large equipment, or buildings-level systems that are beyond work requests.
  • Facilities engineering or architectural support. Requests to support building modifications, including but not limited to equipment installation, electrical upgrades, or fixture replacements.

Project requests are first reviewed for feasibility. IR&P and Facilities Management evaluate project requests by using a number of criteria, including square footage, cost, and University priorities. We will work with the requesting department to identify the best possible solution. A project is approved for implementation when senior administrators have approved the proposed scope and budget and authorized appropriate funding.

Do NOT submit a project request form for:

  • Swapping of comparable full-time office space, which requires an email notification to Marise Fallon in IR&P and not a completed project request form.
  • Minor maintenance items (e.g., heating or cooling repairs, minor electrical or plumbing, or housekeeping), which may be requested by filing a Work Order/Ticket.

Please contact Marise Fallon if you have any questions about whether you should submit a Space and Facilities Project Request form for your project.