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APR Self-Study Team Toolkit

administrative program review

The APR Self-Study Toolkit contains resource materials to assist team members in completing their self-study analysis and report.  This toolkit, organized by Self-Study sections, includes templates, samples and analytic frameworks to assist the APR team in collecting data, analyzing its departmental operations, making peer comparisons, and developing action plans.

The Self-Study Guide provides an overview of each of the recommended sections of the self-study report and includes diagnostic questions that help guide teams through the self-study analysis. 

Self-Study Writing Tips Templates
Executive Summary
Department Profile
Mission & Alignment
Activities & Services
Customers & Cross Unit Relationships
Internal Environment
External Environment
Goals & Objectives

Within these links are templates, worksheets, and examples for each section of the Self-Study report. APR teams will create their own self-study report using these tools to analyze their operations. IR&P staff are also available to assist teams throughout the self-study process, providing additional training, facilitation and support.

For more information or assistance, please contact Denice Koljonen.