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Overview of APR

administrative program review

APR is a set of activities designed to help managers and employees examine their department’s current operations, make adjustments, and establish plans for continuous improvement.  In addition to the Traditional APR, which is a thorough year-long analysis of a department’s operations, teams may qualify for a more streamlined, focused type of APR.


Traditional APR

Flex/2nd Time APR

Issues-Focused APR

What it is

A full review of a department’s operations

Customized, streamlined APR

Customized APR typically focused on a specific process or business issue

Who qualifies

•   All EVP departments

•   Some administrative/ academic units may benefit from an APR (vs traditional academic review)

•     Departments that have completed the Traditional APR and make a request or are recommended

•     Very small departments

•     Sub-segment of a department

•   Any Department that has requested or has been recommended

•   Consists of a cross-functional team

To learn more about the APR process please contact Denice Koljonen.



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