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Office of International Programs

BC in Ecuador Student and Host Mother
BC in Ecuador student with host mother and resident director

Dear Parent, Guardian, Family Member:

The idea of your student going abroad may be exciting, scary, or a bit of both. This is natural, as it was when you first dropped your student off at BC. Here and throughout the OIP website, we provide details and resources which will help guide you and your student throughout the education abroad process.

Students who have studied, interned, conducted research, and/or volunteered abroad return with greater personal, academic, and pre-professional skills. BC participants report in post-program assessments that they are more independent, adaptable, fluent in another language, and interculturally competent. These gains align with our stated learning outcomes, and also match up with what employers and graduate schools look for in candidates.

While such benefits have been demonstrated across a range of programs, the extent to which individual students learn depends largely on themselves and what they are willing to invest in the experience. In the OIP, our advising philosophy is designed to help students push out of their comfort zones. This entails encouraging students to consider less traditional destinations, while also finding ways of getting outside of the “BC bubble” while overseas.

Becoming more independent starts at BC. The OIP has set the expectation that students invest in their study abroad preparations from adhering to deadlines, navigating the visa process, attending orientations, talking to past participants, and staying abreast of current events in the region. We accordingly direct all questions and information directly to students, rather than to parents/family members, and ask that you do the same.

Many students and their families are understandably concerned about the affordability of study abroad. I am happy to let you know that with careful planning you may spend the same as – or sometimes even less than – what you would by living and studying in Chestnut Hill. Full financial aid carries over for BC semester programs, and federal and state aid is applied to non-BC approved programs, although external programs are not eligible for BC institutional aid. Additionally, students may be eligible for funding opportunities, including those offered through the OIP: the McGillycuddy-Logue Travel Grant, Flood Family Grant, Fung Scholarship, and Mizna Fellowship.

All of our operations are based on the premise that education abroad should not be reserved for a select few. Given the relevance of a global education in preparing students for an increasingly competitive and internationalized workforce, it imperative that all BC students – regardless of background or area of study – have the opportunity to go abroad.

Our advisors look forward to the opportunity of talking with your student, to see what program(s) would be the best fit.


Nick Gozik, PhD
Director, Office of International Programs
Director, McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies