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international programs

Carroll School of Management

office of international programs

Students in the Carroll School of Management are highly encouraged to study abroad.  International study enables CSOM students to gain new perspectives on a variety of subjects and exchange ideas and information with people from different cultures. While living abroad in a challenging atmosphere that inspires both personal and intellectual growth, students also increase their awareness of cultural diversity and international issues. CSOM students must seek approval to receive credit for a CSOM core or elective in their concentration taken abroad. Visit the CSOM website for more information on the personal, academic, and professional benefits of study abroad. 

When Can I Study Abroad?
Carroll School of Management students are eligible to study abroad during either the fall or spring semester of their junior year. A few students will study abroad for an entire year. For students wishing to pursue an internship in the summer after their junior year, it is recommended that accounting students, and finance, or other, students seeking a banking-related internship, should study abroad in the spring, rather than the fall. We have no firm recommendation for other concentrations, although we do note that marketing firms usually recruit in the spring. Approximately 35% of CSOM students study abroad.

Should I Study In A Foreign Language Destination?
Yes. Even if you have already met the BC language requirement, you are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a foreign language destination.

What Classes Should I Plan To Take Abroad?
The only two Carroll School core classes that may possibly be approved are Organizational Behavior and Operations Management. It is not a guarantee, but a possibility.

You can only obtain concentration elective approval from the department after completing the core classes (e.g. Basic Finance or Marketing Principles.)

Students can also take courses to fulfill the required MCAS electives.

You must get courses approved before you leave for study abroad. You can identify likely courses by consulting the Office of International Programs, the website and print materials of the institution where you will study, and by talking with students who have previously studied abroad. Getting approval will require you to bring a course syllabus to the home department at Boston College and have it approved on an Office of International Program Course Substitution Form. These forms can be found in Student Services and in Fulton 315.

Department Information

Department Contacts

Organizational Behavior
Course Approvals

Michael Smith, Department Administrative Assistant

Judith Gordon, Professor (Dept. Chair)

Operations Management Course Approvals Samuel Graves, Professor (Dept. Chair)
Accounting and Accounting for Finance and Consulting Concentration
Course Approvals

Mark Bradshaw, Professor (Dept. Chair) 617-552-3831 or

Edward Taylor, Senior Lecturer (Asst. Dept. Chair) 617-552-2302

Finance Concentration
Course Approvals 

Ronnie Sadka, Professor (Dept. Chair)
617-552-3944 or

Elliott Smith, Lecturer

Information Systems Concentration
Course Approvals &
Department Chair

Robert Fichman, Professor

Marketing Concentration
Course Approvals & Assistant Department Chair Bradford Hudson, Senior Lecturer
Management and Organization Concentration
Course Approvals

Michael Smith, Department Administrative Assistant

Judith Gordon, Professor (Dept. Chair)

Operations Concentration
Course Approvals
& Department Chair
Samuel Graves, Professor (Dept. Chair)
Business Analytics Co-concentration
Course Approvals

Stephanie Jernigan, Associate Professor of the Practice
Entrepreneurship Co-concentration
Course Approvals

Gerald (Jerry) Kane, Professor
Managing for Social Impact Co-concentration
Course Approvals

Mary Cronin, Professor